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Perhaps the best definition for what we do is software, language and the localization needs. We have a wide range of services and translation solutions, suitable for your translation production needs:

Translation & Interpretation Localization
Desktop Publishing Testing & Quality Check
Project Management Thesaurus Construction
Translation & Interpretation

We provide high quality translation services in Arabic, Persian and many other languages. Moreover, we can send interpreters to your meetings, whether they are business, technical or legal sessions. More than 400 international clients have ordered our services since 2001 and we are proud to serve you also! To start just send an email to info(a) and we will get back to you quickly. We are ready to send detailed company profiles and presentations on demand. References are available. You may want to check these:


When you make the decision to localize your software and web site, there is more involved than just translation. Web localization requires a complete conversion from addressing one audience to addressing another entirely different one. You can utilize our services to localize your software, applications and or website.

Desktop Publishing

Let our highly skilled graphic designers, and desktop publishers help you get the job done right when integration of print and web based catalog ecommerce solutions are demanded. We provide affordabel Desktop Publishing services.

Testing & Quality Check

Each order is processed according to rigorous QA procedures. Depending on individual circumstances these may be expanded or reduced, but in all cases we apply a minimum level of quality control. Our QA processes were developed, & are constantly being improved upon, by our experienced proofreaders and editors. We are ready to check the quality of the translations done by other translators and take part in your quality tests.

Project Management

The success of projects depends on the method which is applied during the translation process, in working with proper formats, preparation of the files, selection of the translation resources and setting the quality check procedure for any specific project. The success arises mainly from the factors like analysis, scheduling, budgeting and managing the project in general.

Thesaurus Construction

Thesaurus Builder is a full multilingual thesaurus management software. It provides a wide range of tools to develop controlled vocabularies and enables information professionals to create and manage their own thesauri.